Waterloo Days Foundation

A Non-Profit Brand Refresh

Client Overview: Waterloo Days Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing inclusive events to bring the community together. They approached FAAD Digital Creative House (formerly known as Smart Mouth Creative) seeking a brand refresh that would capture the essence of their event’s vintage charm while infusing it with a modern twist. The project involved logo design, photography services, and real-time social media management during the event.  

Design Agency Services Provided: Logo Design & Branding

Objective: To create a timeless yet modern brand identity that recaptured the vintage charm of Waterloo Days while fostering a strong sense of community and family orientation. 

Process: The design process began with an in-depth understanding of the organization’s history and the annual events significant. We conducted research on previous vintage aesthetics used, family-oriented themes, and community vibes. Several logo concepts were developed and presented to the client for feedback and refinement.   

Outcome: The final brand package included captivating logo, a harmonious color palette, a brand tagline “Do the ‘Loo“, and detailed brand guideline. The logo harmoniously merged the past and present, using Waterloo Days “blue” and family-friendly typography to convey the warmth and community spirit of Waterloo Days. The brand tagline and guide captured the essence of the organization’s mission, resonating with its audience. 

Design Agency Services Provided: Photography

Objective: Capture the lively and engaging atmosphere of the annual Waterloo Days event though photography. 

Process: FAAD Digital Creative House (formerly known as Smart Mouth Creative) attended the event to document the various activities, performances, and community interactions. The goal was to create a visual narrative that highlighted the vibrant and family-oriented nature of the celebration.  

Outcome: The photography showcased the lively spirit of the event, capturing candid moments, community engagement, and overall excitement. These images were used in promotional materials and on social media to provide a glimpse of what attendees could expect. 

Design Agency Services Provided: Social Media Management 

Objective: Engage with the audience in real-time during the Waterloo Days event, answer questions online, create live moments, and provide updates on Facebook and Instagram. 

Process: FAAD Digital Creative House was on-site during the event, actively responding to audience inquiries, posting live updates, sharing photos, and creating engaging content to connect with the community in real-time. 

Outcome: The live social media management enhanced the event experience for attendees and those unable to attend. It generated excitement, fostered a sense of community, and helped promote Waterloo Days Foundation’s mission.

Design Agency Services Provided: Graphics & Prints

Objective: To create cohesive promotional materials including banners, brochures, digital maps, and promotional SWAG attire.

Process: Crafted and designed visually appealing materials that aligned with the refreshed brand identity. These materials served practical purposes, offering information, navigation assistance, and cherished event memorabilia adorned with sponsor logos. 

Outcome: The cohesive design of banners, brochures, maps, t-shirts, and event bags contributed to a seamless event experience and reinforced the Waterloo Days brand. These materials acted as both function tools and cherished event souvenirs, showcasing the organization’s commitment to its sponsors. 

Results: The collaboration between FAAD Digital Creative House (formerly known as Smart Mouth Creative) and Waterloo Days Foundation resulted in a successful brand refresh:

  • A timeless yet modern logo design that effectively conveys the vintage charm and family-oriented vibe of the Waterloo Days event. 
  • High-quality event photography that captured the lively and engaging atmosphere of the celebration, serving as a visual tool for the future promotion.
  • Real-time social media management during the event that facilitated audience engagement, provided event updated, and fostered a sense of community among attendees and online followers. 
  • Cohesive graphic design and promotional materials that enriched the event experience and reinforced the brand identity. 

The brand refresh successfully revitalized Waterloo Days Foundation’s, fostering deeper community engagement, attracting a broader audience to the annual celebration, and demonstrating a renewed commitment to preserving tradition while embracing the future. 

Waterloo Days Foundation

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