At FAAD Digital Creative House, we believe that brands should transcend short-lived fads (Do you get the irony in our brand name?) We are driven by a commitment to craft enduring brand identities that rise above mediocrity and make a resounding statement in the digital era.

As a brand and strategic digital house, we specialize in creating anything but boring. We understand your desire to stand out, to be unique, and we share your disdain for mediocrity. We thrive on boldness and revel in the loud, believing that a brand is so much more than a logo – it’s an identity. 

Our creativity knows no boundaries, and we are dedicated to reaching the moderns souls who crave brands that are different, funky, and unforgettable. We have the expertise to breathe life into your brand and make it so uniquely captivating that you will wonder how it all came together. 

Let’s build an iconic brand…together. 

The Founder of FAAD Digital Creative House

Hannah Miller is the Founder and Creative Director of FAAD Digital Creative House, a design company born out of her deep passion for branding and marketing. Her journey into the world of branding began when she discovered her love for it while studying interior design and learning about the concept of designing and developing brand identities during one of her entrepreneurial classes. 

Driven by this newfound passion, Hannah decided to further her education, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Marketing. In 2022, she took the bold step of establishing her own business, initially known as Smart Mouth Creative. Later, she rebranded it to FAAD, A Digital Creative House. 

The name FAAD holds a special significance for Hannah. It’s rooted in the idea that fads (short-lived trends) and brands should represent opposites. She appreciates the irony behind it and believes that good brands should be timeless, a philosophy that she instills into her work. Additionally, she chose the name FAAD because it encourages people to think and talk about it, making it memorable and thought-provoking. Hannah also envisions this name being universal, setting the stage for future plans and expansions within her business. 

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